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The University of South Alabama’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics has partnered with Mathematical Puzzle Programs to bring fun mathematical events to its campus in beautiful Mobile, AL. Students participating in MaPP events will solve puzzles, break codes, and engage with new areas of real mathematics used in academia and industry!

MaPP Challenge ‘18: Gotta Solve ‘Em All!

Our 2017-18 MaPP Challenge puzzlehunt will be held at South on 2018 January 27. The game is currently scheduled to run between 10am and 4pm that Saturday.


To field one or more teams from your school, please complete our online registration form. The deadline for registration is December 4, but space is limited and early registrations will be given preference if we run out of room. We will try to accommodate as many schools and teams as possible.


The first team from each school costs $100 (includes lunch for all players and chaperones). Additional teams cost $50 each. Payment is due after registration closes and participation is confirmed. Failure to arrange payment in a timely fashion may result in being replaced by a waitlisted school.

The fee for a second team will be waived for schools that invite South’s Math/Stat Outreach committee to visit their school for a presentation on academics, careers, and puzzles related to mathematics and statistics. For more information, contact Paul Jones at

Teaser Puzzle

Is this your first MaPP Challenge? Are you looking for a warm-up puzzle? Try out our Challenge ‘18 teaser puzzle! More puzzles may be found at MaPP’s Puzzles page.

ClueKeeper App

Each team must provide at least one smart device with GPS, cellular internet access, and the ClueKeeper app installed. Submitting solutions and finding hidden locations on campus will be done via this app. A smartphone belonging to a student will likely serve this purpose. Please contact Ms. Kristal Webb for assistance.

Campus Map

MaPP Challenge ‘18 will be run within the area bounded by University Blvd, USA North Dr, and USA South Dr as pictured on this map. Players will need to check-in to certain locations on campus during the first hour of the game; the rest of the game (including check-in and orientation) will be held in the Humanities Building (different from last year).

In particular, teachers should not bring students they do not trust to explore this portion of South’s campus without direct supervision. Students remain the responsibility of their teacher during this event.


Contact Ms. Kristal Webb for more information on this event.

Funding Acknowledgement

We’d like to acknowledge support for the MaPP Challenge ‘18 at South provided by the Dolciani Mathematics Enrichment Grants (DMEG).