Mathematical puzzle experiences for young adults.

High School Challenge

Modeled after puzzle competitions like the MIT Mystery Hunt and DASH (Different Area Same Hunt), our High School Challenge pits young adults against fun and engaging mathematical puzzles and games.

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Middle School Challenge

A version of our High School Challenge for middle school and junior high students, produced in partnership with the A.M.P.’d Middle School Challenge.

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Other Programs

MaPP traces its roots back to the A.M.P.’d (Auburn Mathematical Puzzle) Challenge, a puzzlehunt competition for middle school students founded by MaPP founders Dr. Braxton Carrigan and Dr. Steven Clontz when they were graduate students at Auburn University in early 2012. A.M.P.’d continues to host over thirty teams each for its annual high school and middle school events. A.M.P.’s website may be found at

The original pilot event for MaPP’s High School Challenge was the Lamar Mathematical Puzzlehunt Challenge (LaMP), organized by MaPP founder Dr. PJ Couch and designed by Dr. Clontz. It was held at Lamar University in Spring 2015, and remains the model for our High School Challenge events across the country. Learn more at our LaMP 2015 page.