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Dr. Steven Clontz, Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of South Alabama, has been an active puzzle competitor and designer since 2009. In addition to Dr. Clontz’s work with MaPP, his credits include several general audience puzzle events across the United States, including partnerships with escape room businesses and the National Museum of Mathematics. At South, Dr. Clontz chairs the mathematics department’s Student Affairs Committee and serves on its Outreach Committee, using MaPP’s programs to connect with undergraduates at his university and high school students in his community.

As director of MaPP, Dr. Clontz oversees the design of quality mathematical puzzle content for our various programs. In particular, Dr. Clontz strives to find ways to take mathematical research, including his own work in topology and game theory, and make it accessible to high school students by applying the same concepts in many of MaPP’s puzzles. He also loves to duplicate the fun of MaPP’s programs in his classroom by employing the same philosophy of active inquiry and team-based learning in his courses.

You can follow Dr. Clontz on Twitter @StevenXClontz or visit his website at He may be emailed at

Associate Director for MaPP Circle


Dr. Braxton Carrigan, Associate Professor of Mathematics at Southern Connecticut State University, is co-author of the Inquiry-Based Learning textbook Investigating Discrete Mathematics. Dr. Carrigan has traveled the country and world promoting mathematics through puzzles, including serving several mathematics camps in Australia. This experience led to a partnership with Dr. Clontz to co-found the the world’s first mathematical puzzlehunt competition, the A.M.P.’d Challenge, at Auburn University in 2012. Dr. Carrigan is a professional development organizer and presenter for the GeoGebra Institute of Southern Connecticut, served on the organizational team for New Haven Math County Math Teacher Circles, and received a MAA-DMEG grant supporting the MaPP Challenge at SCSU.

As director for our MaPP Circle program, Dr. Carrigan designs mathematical puzzles used to help our campus organizers connect with local high school students. Dr. Carrigan also coordinates MaPP’s workshops to train our colleagues on the benefits of MaPP’s programs and the logistics to run them successfully. As an instructor of many pre-service teachers at his university, Dr. Carrigan utilizes mathematical puzzles in the classroom as an introduction to studying theoretical mathematics.

You can contact Dr. Carrigan by email at

Associate Director for MaPP Challenge

Dr. PJ Couch, Distinguished Faculty Teaching Fellow and Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Lamar University, established the Lamar Mathematical Puzzlehunt in 2015, which served as the pilot event for MaPP’s High School Challenge. Dr. Couch also sponsored the first MaPP Middle School Challenge at Lamar University.

As director for our MaPP Challenge program, Dr. Couch coordinates with local organizers to help campuses run entertaining and educational mathematical puzzlehunts each year. Dr. Couch also supports overseas mathematical outreach programs via his work with MaPP Abroad.

You can contact Dr. Couch by email at or visit his website at

Assistant Director for MaPP Challenge

Dr. Zachary Sarver serves as the designer for the MaPP High School Challenge ‘17 and MaPP Challenge ‘18 events.

Other Volunteers

MaPP relies on our enthusiastic network of campus organizers who coordinate our events across the country. To learn more about these people, visit our Campuses page.