High School Challenge '16

Spring 2016

HSC16 was our first high school mathematical puzzlehunt, run at the following partner campuses in spring 2016:

  • The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    • Dr. Steven Clontz, Organizer
    • Harding University High School: First Place at UNCC & Puzzle 1 Fastest Solve in Nation
    • Hunter Huss High School: Puzzle 3 Fastest Solve in Nation
  • Southern Connecticut State University
    • Dr. Braxton Carrigan, Organizer
    • Engineering and Science University Magnet School (“Team De-Cipher”): First Place at SCSU
    • North Haven High School (“Spicey Squad”): Puzzle 2 Fastest Solve in Nation
    • North Haven High School (“The Recombinants”): Puzzle 4 Fastest Solve in Nation
  • Lamar University
    • Dr. PJ Couch, Organizer
    • Vidor High School Team 1: First Place at Lamar
    • Ozen High School Team 1: Puzzle 5 Fastest Solve in Nation

Puzzle Designers

We’d like to thank the following people who made this possible:

  • Puzzle 1 and EXTRA Puzzle 1 - “Shipped with Abandon”
    • Kelly Bragan Guest - Tuskegee University
  • Puzzle 2 and EXTRA Puzzle 2 - “Domineering”
    • Jeffrey Ford - Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Puzzle 3 - “A Series of Improbable Events”
    • Jonah Ostroff - University of Washington
  • Puzzle 4 - “Simple City”
    • Amy Steinkampf - New Orleans, LA
  • Puzzle 5 and EXTRA Puzzle 5 - “Nothin’ But Nets”
    • Charles McPillan - Greenville, SC

Gameplay and all other puzzles were designed by the MaPP Directors.

Special Thanks

  • John Asplund
  • Eric Harshbarger
  • Robert Ford
  • Our playtesters at various campuses across the country!

Game Book

Materials from this event have been open-sourced on Github at the following link: