High School Challenge '17

At a campus near you during 2016-17

HSC17 was run during the 2016-17 school year at our partner campuses across the country.

Game Book

All game materials have been published on our GitHub account at https://github.com/mappmath/mappmath.github.io.

About the MaPP High School Challenge

Visit our HSC homepage for information on the MaPP High School Challenge format.

Featured Puzzle Designer

Eric photo

Eric Harshbarger’s [www] education, profession, and passion have all converged through the years to the fields of mathematics, computer programming, and puzzle design. Eric designs annual puzzlehunts in the east Alabama area, and has professionally designed numerous puzzles and games for companies and events across the United States. He has also spent a significant number of years making a living as a toy brick sculptor and mosaicist. He lives in Auburn, AL.

Game Designer

Dr. Zachary Sarver [www] is an instructor of mathematics at Auburn University and a published researcher in matrix theory. His credits include several puzzle events in the southeast United States, including co-designing the weekend-long Auburn Puzzle Party 5 puzzlehunt in Fall 2012 and designing the upcoming Auburn Puzzle Party 12 puzzlehunt for Fall 2016.

Other Puzzle Designers

Dr. PJ Couch [www] is Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Lamar University and is one of the founders of Mathematical Puzzle Programs. Dr. Couch also established the Lamar Mathematical Puzzlehunt Challenge in 2015, from which MaPP traces its roots. His published research includes work in the fields of graph theory and design theory.

Danielle Dobie is a recent graduate from Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she received her Master’s degree in Mathematics.
She has always had a love for solving and creating puzzles. The summer after graduating high school, she created a puzzle book for her mother that included 78 different puzzles.
When Ms. Dobie was a senior in college, she created a scavenger hunt leading her future husband, Bradley, all over Mankato and North Mankato. Danielle’s continuous desire to create puzzles for others is what inspired her to become a puzzle designer for HSC17.

Christopher Night [www] studied astrophysics and mathematics at Villanova University and Harvard University, and now works for Google as a software developer on their flight search service. He once designed a puzzle that appeared in a Ted talk by Randall Munroe, the author of xkcd. Christopher’s favorite mathematicians are Martin Gardner and Vi Hart. He currently lives in Cambridge, MA.

Dr. Harold Reiter [www] is Professor of Mathematics at UNC Charlotte, and has taught mathematics for 52 years. Besides teaching at the university level he enjoys working with talented middle school and high school students. With his mathematical friend Arthur Holshouser, he has more than 60 published articles, one book of problems, with a second one due very soon. He has lectured in Bali and Bogor, Indonesia; Shanghai and Chengdu, China; and Bangalore, India. He is proud of his four adorable grandchildren, all good at math.